Brand Genesis

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The complete guide for taking your brand from zero to one.


‘Brand Genesis’ is a repeatable system designed to help small business founders build solid brand foundations based on insight, creativity and strategy. So that you stand out in a tough market, establish customer loyalty, and drive long-term growth in a way your competition can’t copy.

  • Guidebook & workbook sections
  • 230+ pages, 9 sections, 40+ lessons, 20+ exercises
  • Step-by-step guide to creating a brand that moves people, revenue and culture forward
  • Stand out from the crowd and give your business a unique identity
  • A clear, repeatable system
  • Format: eBook / written content, a few videos

It's loud out there...

The world is a noisy place. And it's getting louder. Every year businesses that do great work are forced close their doors. Not because they sell bad products, but because nobody knows (or cares) about them. These days it's not enough to build it and hope they'll come. Unless you're the only game in town, they won't. You need to stand out, connect, and communicate a clear and memorable message that resonates with the people you're trying to serve.

Are you losing sales and losing sleep because...

  • You struggle to explain what you do, how its different, and why it matters
  • You have no idea how to make marketing work
  • Customers can't tell you apart from your competition
  • Growth is sluggish
  • Repeat business is low
  • Your presence on and offline is an outdated mess

If you're going to go through the long days and late nights of launching your own company, you might as well have an unfair advantage.

You need to build a brand, not just a business.

There's a thousand things to do when starting business. The tendency for new founders is to rush through everything and get launched as quickly as possible. To some extent this is good - it's better to launch imperfectly than sit around paralyzed by over-planning. But it also pays to "measure twice and cut once."

If you’re not smart enough to plan, strategize, and do things the right way, you’ll end up rushing around to make up the difference. One solid step forward is worth 100 frantic paces all over the place that leads nowhere.



Do it right the first time.

A lot of business owners think about marketing before they think about brand.

You can try to win with paid ads or random posts on social media. Or spend thousands on SEO and cold emailing. But without substance and strategy to unify your message into consistent theme you'll burn holes in your bank account and wind up getting nowhere fast.

These days your brand has seconds to make a good impression.

You need a strategy to get it right.

What is brand strategy?

No matter their industry or size, the most successful brands in the world always have a brand strategy.

You wouldn't build a house with foundations, right? Well, think of brand strategy as the foundations for your business.

A brand strategy is the themes, style, and elements that separate you from your competitors. It's the overall message that resonates with your audience, builds trust, drives brand recognition, and makes you more likely to be the first choice when a customer is ready to buy.

Marketing, sales, and even many operational decisions are all down-stream from brand.

Think of it like a roadmap for building a strong company that has a consistently great presence in the market — increasing demand, repeat business, and long-term growth.

Strong brands start with strategy.

A clear path forward.

As a founder you don't have time to spend endless hours reading books on brand strategy or researching it online. And you definitely don't want to burn holes in your bank account testing random "insights" from gurus on Linked In.

You don't need a short cut. You need a clear, direct, repeatable path that shows you how.

Brand Genesis is a distillation of the same methods I've used to build successful brands for myself and my clients for the last 15 years.

This course will guide you through every step in a proven, time-tested approach to creating a powerful brand strategy.

What’s inside?

A clear path forward

230+ page guide leads you through a clear, logical sequence of steps towards building a powerful brand strategy for your business. Actionable outcomes that you can begin applying to your business today!

Future-proof your business

Craft a unique value proposition that drives sales and builds a distinct position in the market, so that you can become the top choice in your category.

Use psychology to influence

Deeply understand your audience and figure out exactly what they want. Leverage time-tested principles of psychology to craft a brand message, theme and style that earns trust, loyalty and long term growth.

Differentiate your brand

Stand out from the crowd. You'll learn how to craft consistency in messaging, visuals, and overall brand experience across all touch-points. Increasing your perceived value in the process.

Learn a repeatable system

Based on essential and enduring principles, you can use Brand Genesis with almost any brand, product or industry. Quickly gain a valuable new skillset that will add value for life. Written format is easy to print and reference quickly.

Creative guidelines

Demystify the process of working with creatives to avoid getting in your own way (or getting ripped off). Learn to think like a creative director and make sure your project runs smoothly.

Learn for life

This course is easy to follow, but it goes to depth. Everything in this kit is based on proven business practices used by some of the most powerful brands in the world. This program goes to depth and is meant to level you up for life.

Who is this for?

  • Small business founders
  • Operators who struggle with growth and client retention
  • Small businesses that need to build a moat
  • Leaders navigating a re-brand
  • Anyone sick of being out-done by their competition

Will it help me make me money?

  • Will a standing out in a way that communicates your unique value help to increase sales?
  • Will a clear message, vision, values and cohesive aesthetics attract more leads?
  • Will consistency across all customer touch-points make sales and marketing easier?
  • Will a higher perceived value allow you to increase prices and retain customers?
  • Will a stronger brand attract top talent?
  • Will having a brand people value and trust make you more resilient?

Are these things likely to add at least $15,000 in value to your business over the next couple of years… versus being just another clone-company competing on a low price?

If so, this course should pay for itself 100x

This is business, so there will always be risk. No course, system or consultant can guarantee you success.

But… Brand Genesis will drastically improve your odds.

Get started today!

  • Guidebook & workbook sections
  • 230+ pages, 9 sections, 40+ lessons, 20+ exercises
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a brand that moves people, revenue and culture forward
  • Stand out from the crowd and give your business a unique identity
  • A clear, repeatable system similar to those used by high performance companies that will change the way you see branding forever
  • Format: eBook / written content, a few videos
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Last updated Apr 6, 2024

The complete guide for taking your brand from zero to one.

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Brand Genesis

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